Greetings from your Membership Chair!  I am excited about the coming year with new plans and actions envisioned for increasing our Section membership fold.


These plans and actions are embodied in a year-long New Membership Drive, to be kicked-off with a “Membership Recruitment Blitz” in February-March.


My primary goal for this fiscal year is to increase our Section membership roster by at least 15% by December 2018.  In aid of achieving this goal, the Membership Committee would like to enact a set of Action Plans for Fiscal Year 2017-2018:


1.    Increase Membership Plan:


a.    Start emailing and calling individual Section members of good standing to create personal contact and encourage each of them to help in the membership recruitment drive.

b.    Launch a year-long “New Membership Drive” starting with Recruitment Blitz to jump start our recruitment effort and drum up interest and support, including prizes for a “Recruit Me a New Member” promo, New Members Gala at the end of the recruitment drive, etc.

c.     Set-up a small Section Booth within the SPE pavilion in Bay Area plastics expos or plastics events, such as MD&M West, BIOMEDevice, Design-2-Part, etc.

d.    Design and print a new Section brochure that highlights our long history in the Bay Area, some of our accomplishments, and benefits of joining SPE and the Golden Gate Section, in addition to our existing virtual info sites.

e.     Increase our visibility by partnering with GGPF, ACS and other organizations in the Bay Area.

f.      Do not limit Section membership to residents of the Bay Area, but widen our membership net to out-of-state SPE members who have interest in or ties to the Bay Area.

g.    Reach out to companies in the Bay Area and encourage them to provide free memberships to interested employees, including reminding them of tax benefits, etc.

h.    Increase mailing list by attending networking events and expos, and gathering business cards; enlist the help of Section membership by giving prizes for an “Increase Our Mailing List” promo.


2.    Increase Outreach and Participation Plan:


a.    Offer membership recognition perks, such as letters of appreciation, length of membership certificates, free dinners at Section events, car stickers “I am a SPE GGS Member”, etc.

b.    Organize formal groups within the Section for members with common interest, such a ‘Mavens Group’ who will provide “old fogies/plastics guru” expertise to young plastics engineers with specific technical problems, or ‘Ladies Golden Gate Group’ who will encourage more female membership in SPE GGS, etc.

c.     Set-up a General Membership Discussion Board in our new website along the lines of Community of Plastics Professionals LinkedIn Group.

d.    Set-up a Process Engineers Blog in our new website catering to technical discussion among Section members specifically devoted to plastics-related challenges, issues and solutions in their respective jobs.

e.     In coordination with the Mentorship Program being organized at each Student Chapter (Chico State, SJSU), organize a mentorship program with  a “Mentors  Group”, who will mentor individual SPE student chapter members in the Bay Area to offer their perspective in their respective plastics careers.

f.      Set-up a new Facebook page in order to enhance this personal connection.


All these action plans align with our President’s Goals for SPE GGS 2017-2018, including plans to upgrade our Section website to incorporate features and interactive links suggested in the action plans.


So the first order of business is to kick-off a 2-month Recruitment Blitz starting in the first quarter of the year.


The formal mechanics of this Recruitment Blitz will be published by SPE GGS, under the coordination of the Membership Committee, over the next few weeks. 


I have sent out welcome letters to our new members and hope that they in turn will encourage their colleagues and friends to sign-up.


I would also like to promote a more personal touch with our membership, and have started personally calling, emailing, and thanking members who have attended recent SPE GGS events, and encourage those who may be interested to join specific “common interest” groups, such as:


·      “The Mavens Group”  --  Like-minded very senior members with long experience in plastics who can share their life experience in their respective plastic fields with younger members and give sage advice in pursuing a career path in plastics.


·      “Young Guns Group”  --  Young engineers who share a passion for ground-breaking, paradigm shifting plastics technologies, such as 3D bioprinting, shape-shifting polymers, surface-mobile plastics, injection-compression molding, microfluidic conformal tooling, nano-feature molding, and highly-advanced plastics-related technologies nobody has even heard of.


·      “Ladies Golden Gate Group”  --  Lady members who can conclave on a regular basis and discuss activities of interest focused on increasing young women graduates to pursue plastics engineering career.


·      Other groups of common interest to be formed and organized.


All these new initiatives are meant to improve this personal connection between members, as well generate interest in non-members to join our fold.


I look forward to a very productive and dynamic year, starting slowly at first and then revving up and snowballing as the fiscal year progresses.

Welcome, New Members!



Membership Committee Chair

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